Hi! My name is Sefrijn.

I like to make interactive multidisciplinary creations and experiences. This page tells the story of me on one page. It shows a selection of my work.

Curriculum Vitae

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Work experience

Interaction Designer @ GoalGorilla, Amsterdam
Develop concepts, strategies, wireframes and prototypes. Apply user centered design philosophy and scrum web development process.
MultiMedia Teacher @ ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Enschede
Teaching music students how to promote themselves, both online and offline, by explaining about graphic design, web design and communication.
Founder @ Sefrijn, Everywhere
Multidisciplinary design company, doing graphic design, product design and web design.
Read story: Medimate Read story: Inktvoordeel
Founder @ CultuurWolven, Enschede
Company in cultural and educational events, in particular DJ workshops, for example at music venues and secondary schools.
Read story: CultuurWolven
Webmaster @ IDC, Enschede
Manage and organize the content of the website of the Industrial Design Centre, an organization connecting companies, students and consumers in the area of industrial design.


Industrial Design - University of Twente
Studied product design, graphic design, user experience, interfaces and much more.
Read story: Music and Interaction Read story: Fono
Electrical Engineering - University of Twente
Very technical study with lots of mathematics and theoretical abstraction.
High school (pre-academic)

Coding skills

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript + jQuery
  • PHP
  • CMS (Wordpress, Modx, Magento)
  • MVC frameworks (Ruby on Rails)
  • Java/Processing/Arduino

Online presence

Spoken languages

  • Dutch (native language)
  • English (fluent writing and speaking)
  • German (good understanding, basic speaking and writing)

Other activities

Collecting music and DJing > view party movie
Hitchhiking > read blog
Making music > listen and more
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Software experience





Ableton Live


Fono, an interactive DJ table

Bachelor thesis project at Yalp


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  • Thesis


Usability testing Interface design Literature study Prototype building


The Fono is an interactive DJ table for young people in public areas. The music source is any mobile phone with a speaker, it get its power from solar energy and is 'vandalism-proof'.

On the Fono young people can mix their own music of choice. They can apply music effects, scratch a sound, make a loop, or mix two songs at the same time. The Fono amplifies the sound from a phone speaker, without the need for the user to connect any cables or complex bluetooth connections.

Some people are afraid of young loitering people and tend to have a negative perspective on them. But with this product young people are positively challenged to be creative and musical. They get to do something they love.

During my thesis project I build a small prototype with which I did usability testing with real users. After evaluating the results from this test I designed an improved interface, of which parts are now being implemented in the design.

Music and interaction

An autonomous project at the university


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  • Thesis


Arduino Electronics hardware Desk research Iterative design process Design intuitive interfaces


An interface I created to control music. Light sensitive resistors connected to an Arduino generate input used by Processing, which modifies both sound and image. Classical music is played, which is morphed by a granulator, distortion and a delay. This morphs the music towards electronic noise.

The interface has no buttons. This results in an intuitive interface with free movement for the user. This prototype was part of a personal research into music creation and interaction.

Studying at the University of Twente

In life I try to do the things I love, so during my study I focused on interaction and music. My study gave quite a bit of room for setting your own goals. I enjoyed this very much.


Designing an online shop for printer cartridges


  • Year
  • Company
  • Role
  • 2012-2013
  • Brunsman International
  • Interaction Designer and Front End Developer


Interaction Design Prototyping Personas Magento PHP


Brunsman International is a wholesaler of vacuum cleaner bags, vacuum cleaner parts and ink cartridges. They wanted to start an online shop of ink cartridges.

I developed personas in order to identify the needs of their audience. With these personas in mind I designed a prototype which is displayed above. The prototype is clickable and gives my clients and their users the ability to experience the site and discuss improvements, before actually developing it. This saves a lot of time.

After designing the prototype I created a graphic design, which I also implemented in Magento.


A startup I founded doing DJ workshops for kids


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Teaching Telling a story Running your own business

Company profile

CultuurWolven is a young cultural organization. I started it in spring 2010 together with Elwin Rumplmair. We organized DJ workshops to teach kids how to be a DJ. We didn't just show some beatmatching magic and run away. The kids got to try it themselves. In 7 sessions we taught them about the history of electronic music, various mixing techniques and how to use DJ gear. These workshops were concluded with a small DJ contest and party.

Other teaching activities

Besides teaching at CultuurWolven I also taught at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. I explained about graphic design, web design and online/offline communication to music students, in order for them to promote themselves. This was one of the greatest jobs I had so far.



Interface redesign of a portable high tech measuring device


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Interface design 3D CAD modelling Graphic design


With the Medimate Lab on a chip technology people can measure the amount of lithium in their blood or natrium in urine. By doing so the device can advice on the amount of daily medication to take. By doing so the device enables people to be more independent, not having to see the doctor too often.

When I joined the project the interface design was not good, manuals were needed and promotional material had to be designed, so I was hired as a designer. Amongst other things, I did a redesign of the interface.

Important factors in this project were working with a tight budget (Medimate being a start-up), a lot of technical limitations and not much time. The redesign I made is being produced right now, and soon Medimate will sell this device.

Live Performances

DJing, organizing parties, performing with ableton live and more


Because I loved music and there were no good electro parties in my city, I decided to organize them myself. The party was called Woofur. Various DJ's came to play at these parties, such as Dr. Lektroluv or T. Raumschmiere. I also played records at these parties myself to make people move their feet using the alias 'Philip Nirfs'.

Woofur facebook with photos


DJing Organizing Performing

Interactive audiovisual live show

For the past year I have been working on a live show using an electronic piano, synthesizer and loopstation to make experimental electronic music with Ableton Live. I also programmed visuals in Processing that react to MIDI notes and audio frequencies. The live show is still growing, and I love to spend spare time tweaking the set and the software.

facebook page of my show


Ableton Live Processing


I would love to make beautiful things with you!