Zach Lieberman

Interactive installations

March 1, 2015

An artist and educator who inspires with his installations and performances. He is also one of the founders of OpenFrameworks, an open source C++ toolkit for creative coding. He combines advanced technical knowledge with creative, joyful and positive projects. I find his installations very beautiful.

I’m trying to bring joy to people, to make people smile, to create strange unique moments for them.

Zach Lieberman

Connecting lights

Connecting Light explores opposing ideas of borders and connection through landscape art installation, open-source electronic hardware and software, and networks. Hundreds of six-foot-in-diameter balloons, equipped with high-powered LEDs driven by radio devices, illuminate Britain’s greatest Roman monument: the Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site.

Drink up fountain

The Drink Up Fountain dispenses entertaining greetings and compliments intended to entice the drinker to continue sipping. When a drinker’s lips touch the water, the fountain “talks,” completing a circuit and activating speakers. When the drinker pulls his or her head away and stops drinking, the circuit breaks and the fountain stops talking. With hidden cameras set up, Drink Up caught unsuspecting individuals using the fountain in New York City’s Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Google DevArt

Visitors are invited to perform with a keyboard that finds samples with the same note in realtime from web radio stations from around the world, essentially allowing them to play the world. Pressing a middle C key, for example, will play a matching C note from Nigerian sports radio or a Brazillian Bassa Nova station. The project monitors hundreds of diverse streams, from talk radio to pop to experimental transmission from around the world. The installation will have speakers in round, and sounds will be presented in geographic orientation to the audience, highlighting the voluminous, enchanting and playable global soundscape that surrounds us.