Audiovisual show about the subconscious

Imagine that you could wander around the subconscious of someone else. What could be going on there? Somnium is a project that was started by Geert van der Velde from The Black Atlantic. Inspired by science fiction movies and writers such as Murakami and Borges, a team of various artists attempted to capture the subconscious in a performance. Music, sound collages, light projections and modern dance are used to depict what the human subconscious may very well look like. A voyage through the remarkable realm found between dream and reality.


I worked on stage design and technical setup as well as designing moving images, projection mapping and controlling visuals during the show. In the middle of an inflatable dome there‚Äôs a 360 degrees projection on a circular screen with four projectors. And another four projectors are focused on the walls of the white science-fiction environment. Once you’ve entered the space, it feels as if you’re in a different world. All the visuals react live on the music and the dance.

Somnium premiered at Noorderzon 2016.

A short excerpt from the Noorderzon aftermovie by Joel Kinnunen.

And some more photos:

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the black atlantic_1461 copy copy.jpg

Our beautiful dancer

the black atlantic_1469 copy.jpg

What do you see?