Interactive visual installation

Kaleidoscopica II

Kaleidocopica is an interactive installation making kaleidoscopic images. The installation invites the viewer to interact, experiment and play. It was made in collaboration with Luchtschip.

Kaleidoscopica I was the first working prototype. The second version was made for ‘Het Nieuwe Instituut‘ in Rotterdam and was also exhibited at TEC ART and Tweetakt/Kaap.

By arranging objects on the table an abstract piece of art is generated by software. People will see parts of their objects being morphed into a new shape.

After placing the elements on the surface, viewers can modify the image by moving their hands above the table, containing a motion tracking sensor. Doing so results in differences in colours, size and speed of movement.

After creating a satisfying image it can be saved to an online exhibition on Facebook by pressing the big blue button in the middle. Generated art is directly uploaded and can be shared with friends and family, or printed at home.

You can view the creations made by visitors during exhibitions on theĀ Facebook page

Kaleidoscopica III

The algorithm has been improved significantly and a new visual feedback loop has been included, resulting in even more magical patterns and colours.

It was exhibited at Grasnapolsky festival in 2016:

And at Bring Your Own Beamer in Utrecht in 2015:

Art created by visitor

Art created by visitor

Art created by visitor

Art created by visitor


At Het Nieuwe Instituut


At Het Nieuwe Instituut


Tweetakt Kaap in Utrecht