Experimental Animation

early abstract moving image

July 8, 2015

Oh, how I love this dance of color. This playful expressions of form, shapes, dots, lines. Morphing. Evolving. Transforming. Created in a time where animations like this took months of intense labour to make them, instead of some days behind the computer.

Len Lye


John Whitney


Oskar Fischinger


James Whitney


Stanley Cubrick and Douglas Trumbull

“2001: A Space Odyssey” was an extremely complex and difficult film to make, and naturally there are many interesting stories connected with the production. Probably the most important aspect of the film is its special effects, and in this article I shall try to relate some of the specific problems encountered in a production of this type, some of the techniques we used to create the effects, and a few other interesting points about the production as a whole.

One of the most serious problems that plagued us throughout the production was simply keeping track of all ideas, shots, and changes and constantly re-evaluating and updating designs, storyboards, and the script itself. To handle all of this information, a “control room,” constantly manned by several people and with walls covered by pert charts, flow diagrams, progress reports, jog sheets, punch cards, and every conceivable kind of filing system, was used to keep track of all progress on the film.