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Hello World

This was my first band, performing live on the staircase! Growing up my mother was a music therapist, my father a jazz collector. Since I was born we had a piano in the house, which I started playing at the age of 6. Inspired by Tiësto and other Trance DJ’s I bought my first DJ decks when I was 14.


Industrial Design

After studying Electronic Engineering, I moved to Industrial Design at the University of Twente, integrating technology with creativity. I focused on sound interfaces and interaction design, with a minor that combined Philosophy and Sustainability.

During my thesis I worked on the interface of the ‘Fono’, an award winning outdoor DJ table for youth, a project initiated, designed and realised by Yalp.


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DJ and Promoter

I became a resident DJ and promoter at Poppodium Atak in 2008. Here I could express my love for electronic dance music and be inspired by other talented creators. I learned and refined the art of taking the crowd on a journey. Next to playing as a DJ, I also organised many dance events.

Read an interview by 3voor12.


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Live Music & Impro

During my twenties I dove deeper into free improvisation on various instruments: Piano, harmonium, accordeon, synthesizers, guitar, drums, percussion and my voice.

You can listen to some of my recordings and productions on Soundcloud.


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Multimedia Artist

As a media artist I designed interactive installations: A combination of technology and creativity making grownups play again and say “wow”: Projection mapping, creative coding, Arduino, Kinect and other sensors made computers dance.

A highlight was Wings, an interactive experience connecting people in Stockholm with Amsterdam, using body motion tracking to fly in a virtual world to meet each other.


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Wake Up & Thay

In 2013 I spend new year’s eve in Plum Village and discovered the Wake Up Sangha: A community of young people practicing meditation. Thich Nhat Hanh (also called Thay) is a Zen Master who founded Plum Village and many other communities. I participated in and organised various retreats in this tradition. Meditation is my foundation for creativity, for life, for love.


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Cosmic Circle

In 2012 I went to my first Mantra circle and fell in love. Four years later, after singing at many other places, I co-founded Cosmic Circle: A collective to share our love for mantras, kirtan and heart opening music. Our music can invite you to sink into the heart, to celebrate free self-expression, to feel alive.


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Ecstatic Dance

After focusing on mantras and art for some years, I fell in love again with DJ-ing at Ecstatic Dance. Weaving many different genres and rhythms together into a unique journey. Dancing without words and without shoes! Magical free form dance meditations.

Petro van de Pas invited me to play in Rotterdam. My love grew and grew and soon I played at many other locations. Find my DJ sets here.


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