Through offering music, meditation and embodiment practices I invite people into free self expression, presence, connection and being rooted in the body.

My main focus as a facilitator is the practice of Ecstatic Dance: Barefoot dance meditations without words or intoxication. An open field of exploration that is both grounded and spiritual. A clear container which is open to people from all backgrounds or beliefs. Celebrating our uniqueness, growing in awareness, traveling through shamanic electronic musical landscapes that I create with all my heart, body and mind. Based in The Netherlands, playing across Europe.

I host my own Ecstatic Dance Universe in Utrecht on Sunday Evenings.

With Cosmic Circle Eline and me facilitate singing circles. We chant sacred songs and sounds from various traditions, old and new, to remember the cosmic harmony.

I also build websites & apps like this one and have a beautiful daughter.

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Centrum voor Happiness
ED Alkmaar
ED Amsterdam
ED Avani
ED Den Haag
ED Den Bosch
ED Devalounge Breda
ED Eindhoven
ED Gathering
ED Groningen
ED Leiden
ED Limburg
ED Maastricht
ED Nijmegen
ED Rotterdam
ED Twente
ED Uelenspieghel
ED Universe
ED Zutphen
ED Zwolle
Odessa Amsterdam
Play Utrecht
Welcome Home


ED Antwerpen (BE)
ED Devotion (BE)
ED Piritaklooster Tallinn, Estonia
ED Gent (BE)
ED Hamburg (DE)
ED Hannover (DE)
ED Helsinki (FI)
ED Köln (DE)
ED Leuven (BE)
ED Luxembourg (L)
ED Paris (FR)
ED Turnhout (BE)
ED Zurich (S)
Inbodiment (BE)
Nibana Festival (FR)
Sadhaka (FR)
Shakti Conscious Clubbing (BE)
The Bridge, Stockholm (SE)

Festivals & Retreats

Aliveness Tantra Retreat
Conscious Camping
Ecstatic Dance Festival Holland
Ecstatica Retreat
Freedive Festival
Green Vibrations
Het Grote Fijne
Tantra Festival Amsterdam
Play Festival


Mantra and Piano

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