Sefrijn is a dj, musician and creative entrepreneur. Growing up his mother was a music therapist, his father a jazz collector and he himself plays the piano from the age of 6. A combination of technical knowledge, creative improvisation and deep sensitivity create unique experiences. In my work I combine expressive playfulness, meditative sound and modern mysticism.

Find me at uplifting dance meditations, conscious festivals, mantra circles, meditative live music or silent retreats. Welcome all colours of life, welcome all of you! Celebrate and meditate with Sounds & Silence.

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Contemplating the meaning of life...
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ED Amsterdam

ED Rotterdam

ED Kรถln (DE)

ED Luxembourg (L)

Nibana Festival (FR)

Ecstatic Dance Festival

Odessa Amsterdam

Play Festival

Eigentijdse Jongeren Festival


ED Antwerpen (BE)

ED Leuven (BE)

ED Den Haag

Landgoed AlGoed - Twente

Nijmegen Danst

ED Eindhoven

ED Breda Devalounge

ED Groningen

ED Limburg

ED Zwolle


Mantra and Piano

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